Emotional brand positioning

The task of ErRa SportSponsoringAgency is to forge contacts with well-known companies that are interested in sports sponsoring deals with big international associations with the objective of worldwide advertising.

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Most relationships in modern sports marketing take place between three parties:

In this partnership, a respectful and transparent collaboration is the prerequisite for lasting success. Common interests always take centre stage.

Sponsors often pursue the following goals

boosting quantitative and qualitative recognition, improving brand awareness, enhancing customer relationships and increasing product appeal.

Sponsor and organizer
Invest in success with Erra
Success to your business

Sponsor and organizer/athlete

At the top of the triangle

We focus our efforts on the sports federations, clubs, events and athletes.

An in-depth analysis provides clarity and forms the basis of our work. Each client holds their own key to success - that is the guiding principle to consider.

The ErRa SportSponsoringAgency has the brand.

Successful athletes form the basis for the high audience response and the high TV presence

A current survey of the sponsor's focus shows that Alpine Skiing is the most attractive sport with the highest advertising value, and comes before football.


The majority of our customers do not want their advertising and marketing activities to be published due to their confidential content.


Of course, we respect this wish.

THE VISION of ErRa ...

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